Please find below a list of our projects in addition to those we support.

Beneficent – 

Beneficent is dedicated to providing interest-free financing to community members suffering from short-term high interest-bearing debt, as well as equipping our  clients with educational tools to empower them to achieve and maintain economic self-reliance.

Friends of The People –

Friends of the People (FOTP) is a blog dedicated to educating the global community about the struggles we are facing as a society and offering solutions to help overcome them.

Support Mental Health –

Support Mental Health is an initiative local to the Kitchener-Waterloo-Cambridge and Guelph area in Ontario, Canada. The aim is to provide those suffering from mental health disorders with the support they need as well as to educate the community about mental health issues to remove any stigma .

University of Guelph Exam Network –

U of G Exam Network is a website which provides University of Guelph students with access to study material and old exams.